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Independent mortgage and loan broker

We are an independent mortgage and loan broker, certified by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), with access to offer from all the banks and financial institutions in Poland.

Our history started in 2005.

At first, Joanna started her journey with the financial market at a leasing company. However, after two years she realized she would prefer to work on her terms and launched an independent brokerage company, building a vast portfolio of loyal customers. Jakub started his journey with banking later, in 2010 - for seven years he worked in four big Polish banks on multiple positions, building his network and gaining valuable insight into the market, cooperating with Joanna among others throughout this period. In 2017 he decided to use all of this experience in building his brokerage firm and came up with an idea of offering the service to foreign nationals in need of financial expertise. That is how our partnership was created.

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