We are a team of professionals

with above 15 years of experience in dynamic Polish financial markets. In that time we finalized countless transactions and made hundreds of customers satisfied.

We invite you to become one of them.

Company info

Our offer

We are brokering all types of loans being offered by banks and leasing companies in Poland:


Polish mortgage


 Whether you want to buy an apartment or build a house in Poland, besides managing the mortgage process for you, we also offer help in all areas related to it.


Financing for companies


- leasing of vehicles and equipment in Poland 
- long-term rental 
- investment loans


Cash loan in Poland


- for private customers 
- consolidation loan
- car loan 

Our main area of expertise is the mortgage.

Getting a satisfying mortgage in Poland might be challenging even for Polish citizens. That is why it is recommended to use the service of a broker like us, especially since using our service is completely free of charge for you. It does not mean we are not paid, we are receiving brokerage fee from the bank you will choose to proceed with, but as is regulated by Polish law, this won't affect the offer bank will present to you - they are obliged to have one fixed offer available for all customers, whether you are using middleman or not. 


To summarize, we offer you the assistance 

of a professional, English speaking brokers throughout the entire mortgage process - for free. We are calculating your initial creditability, we advise you how to get a loan in Poland, what documents you need to get a loan, we build your whole applying strategy. On top of that, by using our service you do not only save time but also your money, as through market insight we can find the best offer available at the moment.


Feel free to get a loan/mortgage offer at the bank you use daily, in 99% of cases we manage to find a cheaper/better deal from the market.